Monday, November 24, 2008

Days 19-23!

wow. I'm bummed I've missed so many days.. I got busy and then I went here... (with my children to their father's farm near Owen Sound). But that's not to say I haven't been reading along and doing some exercises. Here's a very brief synopsis of the days I missed. I really enjoyed many of them.
Day 19: Facing Your Death/Embracing Your Life: I did Level 1 for this day: Making a Ceremonial Fire. The thoughts and feelings that went through me when I was doing this ritual were both the feeling that this body/self had a lot to work with (I wasn't so bad after all), and that I wanted this self to have some real happiness in this life. I felt committed to doing my best to make that happen.
Day 20: I didn't do any exercises this day, although I responded deeply to the words in Level 1 describing our deepest selves as "sweet, pure, and serene, and [having] always been with you". This touched that part of me.
Day 21: For some reason, Denise's statement that "creativity is one of the easiest ways to hear the messages of the soul" reached me in a way that no other words on creativity have. I was ready to hear this, and it went in. It validated some experiences I have had with creativity in the last while, and inspired me to re-commit to creativity more seriously. I am only just beginning to learn what it can bring. I'm amazed and very inspired.
Day 22: I did the body assessment, which was mixed, and committed to doing as much dancing as I can.
Day 23: (Today!) I read this over the weekend, and was inspired to meditate on what foods my body seems to want. It answered Soup! Cleansing soups. Brothy, clear, full of vegetables soups. I'm gonna make more of 'em. Thank you for the inspiration. My body liked being listened to. I think I'm going to go grab that dry brush now, too!


Kavindra said...

I especially like what you say about your fire ritual, how you wanted your self to have a good life - that is really powerful and beautiful.

And speaking of detoxing and cleaning things out - fresh snow always makes me feel fresh and new and clean in my body and soul - thanks for sharing the photos

Jamie said...

What fun snowy pictures of you and your kids!

Thanks for sharing this summary of your responses. Denise's words on creativity really took me back to Expressive Arts and their power.

Yay you for all that's happening!