Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 3

Clutter-clearing. I am glad that this is a part of what we will be doing - because my house needs it and I'm ready to do it! A friend of mine moved into the basement, so I'm having to go through all of what I had down there and re-organize or get rid of it. Also, it's just time. I've been doing bits of clutter-clearing in the last couple of months, and I notice many things when I do it. I often start reluctantly, sometimes as if I'm moving a stubborn mountain (me!), or clearing away a fog. I sometimes then feel whatever feeling I've been avoiding, or have it stronger than I have been experiencing (depression, self-hatred are common ones). If I keep moving through it though, it eventually lifts and I become energized and feel much clearer and optimistic, like I can take on the world. I've been musing on this lately - how powerful this small thing is, which is how Denise describes it as well. I've looked ahead in the book, so I know we're doing more! Here are a few pics from my clutter-clearing today, including a photo of a well-loved red fire engine I gave away, that my kids have had since my 8-year-old was about 1. I also noticed that the bedroom was harder than other areas, so I started small there (also because of time). Today no particular emotions came up, but I was already feeling in good spirits, although I don't know what might happen if I took on my closet! I think I'll leave it for another day. Thanks for reading.


Genie Sea said...

How productive! Everything looks marvelous! :)

Jamie said...

Congratulations on your clearing. Your home looks beautiful! And your awareness is beautiful too.