Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 13 - A rich, beautiful life

When I turned to the Soul Coaching site this morning, I was a little surprised and delighted that today was about gratitude. Yesterday I met with my coach, and was talking about how to be with things I had asked for and received (more money, a new dog). I was having a hard time believing my good luck with the new work in my life/new money, and worrying about whether I'd made the right decision with the dog (I tend to be a bit of a worrier). She answered that the right response was gratitude and I smiled, feeling it. She also helped me confirm, in lots of ways, the rightness of my direction, and I was less worried. All of which put me in a frame of mind for gratitude. I get pulled out of seeing the good things I have when I'm worried, worried I should have more, should be better, should be trying differently and/or harder to make sure things are okay, or stay okay. I really appreciate it when I get reminded (kindly) to see what I have to be grateful for. I then feel so much love for who/what I have in my life. After reading the Soul Coaching exercises for today, I sat and let my mind touch on everything I feel grateful for. Many, many things. And I wonder why it's hard not to keep them in mind more. I have a rich, beautiful life. I know this on some level all the time. And I think I need to remind myself to take note in a more conscious way regularly. And I will.


Kavindra said...

I love when synchronicity kicks in like it has for you with the coaching and the book.

And how cool must it feel to be more sure of "the rightness of your direction" That's quite a blessing AND an accomplishment!

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful. It's amazing that we resist gratitude?! That we need to justify our joy or something when all we have to do is say, "Thank you!" to the skies. Or to ourselves! We make miracles happen.

Genie Sea said...

Bad things, traumatic experiences are loud and overpowering- demanding attention.

Good things, uplifting experiences are filled with quiet peace. That is why we don't seem to notice them, but they are there, within reach smiling. :)

Gemma said...

May you find blessings in every area of your life, is my wish to you!

Jamie said...

Reading your post I got the image of you literally reaching out and gently touching each of the things that you're grateful for :)

I'm grateful we met at Expressive Arts!

TheModernGoddess said...

Gentle reminders are wonderful! Blessings, Nicole x