Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 24

Level 3 called out to me today. When I tried on the Level 2 exercise, I knew that confidence is what I am inspired to embody more, but I realized I feel kindof too tired to radiate that all the time! Hence, rejuvenation (Level 3)... so, I pondered this throughout the day, how rejuvenation comes for me through different things.. sleep, massage, laughter, colour, food, walking for a long time, the particular kind of presence that children bring, re-immersing myself in the part of me I sometimes touch when making art. On a somewhat related note - I discovered a fabulous new artist/architect today - Hundertwasser - check him out. His colour and whimsy rejuvenates me.


Kavindra said...

I don't really think of rejuvenating and relaxing going together - but I go to galleries to rejuvenate and get myself fired up and raring to go. And on that note, thanks for the tip about the artist. He's fantastic. I found his architechture and painting and I like them both. The buildings are so whimsical. I think we need more whimsy in our public spaces. But not cutesy or cloying - they're like a magic place. Very nice.
And that, I find rejuvenating!

Genie Sea said...

Oh! Thank you for the tip! Hundertwasser's work is like beaded jewelry. Precious and vibrant! It is rejuvenating indeed :)