Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 27: Future Self

Future selves are always so fun to think about - because you can think up anything, and savour what you love. So, here's my version:

I am living in community, and involved in art-making all of the time (dancing, painting, writing, singing, knitting...). I have a very colourful life. I belong to a loosely connected, vibrant artist community, in the country and city, who I make art with, and I live with a small group of other people, too. People interested in living ecologically and exploring spirituality, art-making, living honestly, and with a lot of fun (very important). We live near nature, but have some city time, too. We also have lots of individual time as we need it, as well. Our favourite thing to do is hang out, making food and art together - long days together. We have gorgeous gardens that provide some of our food. Maybe some bees, too. We are well-respected in our larger community. I want also to be a somatic teacher/writer/therapist - helping people become fully embodied, and able to know and follow their deepest impulses. I want to combine sensorimotor psychotherapy, process work, expressive arts therapy and relational therapy for a powerful, fully embodied, joyful, intuitive, honest, and deep work that helps people access their wildest selves and engage with others in a real way. I also have dogs (I get another one!). My children have many mature, emotionally fulfilled adults in their lives who love them, to help them become their fullest selves. I make kick-ass art that I LOVE! I say and do things through my work that make a difference in people's lives. I laugh a lot. I don't hold back on finding ways to delight myself and my children.

My life currently holds some of the seeds of this, including a friend with land who wants to start an intentional community and art retreat centre and elder care centre in the Shelburne area. I am part of a group that is talking about how to make this happen.

I will hold open the possibility in my mind that all of my dreams can come true.


Allison said...

"I laugh a lot."

SO important :] You can even get the vibe from all of your description - it all is so abundant in joy.

Genie Sea said...

I agree with Allison. That struck me to the most!

What an abundance future that is the present :)

Jamie said...

"My life currently holds some of the seeds of this." They are growing daily! This is the future you're creating, Sandra, and it's beautiful - just like you!

Serena said...

What a beautiful vision with so much joy, contentment and happiness...may those planted seeds keep on growing.

love, light and peace,