Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week Six

I loved this week's interview with Andrea Scher. Honestly, I think I may be a little bit in love with her. Hers was the first blog I started reading and being inspired by. Her blog, Superherodesigns Journal, is the standard by which I measure myself (poorly), and this is what stops me from blogging so much! I just realized! I know I can have a much better blog, more colourful, more thoughtful, etc. just by risking putting myself to it, but it will be different. Very different. And this is okay. This comparison gremlin is a common one, and many (Andrea, Christine Mason Miller, etc.) have mentioned it. I loved Christine's advice to just keep to your thing, pay attention to your own process (really, what else can you do?). I can get into this kind of space, and I actually really like myself, but it is hard to look out and see shinier things and people outside and be okay with where I'm at right now. I can be inspired, and reach for more, but just as in life, where there will always be smarter, prettier, more winsome folks than ourselves, there will always be better blogs. Is there an enough place? Is there also a self-acceptance we can nurture, to be with ourselves all of the time, whether shiny or dull, apt or clumsy? I feel this sometimes, and it is perhaps the sweetest thing I have tasted. Even sweeter perhaps than possessing particular skills and talents. It is a subtler and deeper joy than the splash or strength of being pretty, talented, competent, or wise. They are all valuable, but I am going to try to keep self-acceptance at the heart of me.


Genie Sea said...

Ah sweetie. Sometimes the prettier, the shinier, the more winsome don't have self-acceptance. Being able to accept and love ourselves in dull and shiny, through sickness and in health, through winsome or losesome, is probably the most important achievement of all :)

sema said...

self acceptance is so valuable in self improvement. thanks for the great post reminding me to be more kind with oneself.