Saturday, February 21, 2009

i trust me

i trust myself. oh, me. that juicy, little red barron of beautiful happiness. of love. let her love me, i pray. i do. i desire this self. she seems so divine. i am so in love with myself. can you say that? if you let yourself see yourself, see yourself from the inside. can you stop yourself from falling deeply head over heels? it's been her i've wanted all along. she is the mother i've wanted. i've wanted that mother. and here she is inside me. oh, i adore her. i don't get it. i wasn't expecting this. and it's just me loving life. if i love myself. i am adoring life. here she is. why do i love her so? because she is. children know this. they love just because you are.
i trust me. start from there.

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