Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, late

I've just been reading about the Portfolio Project dreamed up by Jen Lemen and Jen Lee to circumvent their procrastination, perfectionism, and negative inner voices, to just get some work done. The idea is to just do it.. to go for quantity instead of quality.

I think I might need some of that. In the spirit of that, I am going to blog every day (did i just say that?).. omg. I might write a load of crap (and hopefully a few gems), but I'm going to do it. Starting today. So here I am.

I also am in the process of refining what I want this blog to be. And I think I want it to be a record of my family's life. I want to focus on that. Yes, I do. That's scary, but that's what I want. I want it so that I will look at what I have right in front of me, and because I love them so damn much. I want to get it all down. I haven't done that as much as I'd like. Thankfully, Ted has taken so many photos and videos, he has filled some of the gap. I'd like to add the written commentary. From my perspective anyhow.

I'm not sure how to start. I'm kindof lazy, or afraid of being fully alive, one or both. That's hard to admit. Some things that happened today: Maeve cried hard this morning about wanting me to be at school with her all day. What is she afraid of? Her school is lovely. She is lovely. I want to give her lots of chances to cry when she needs to. I just listened, and she kept telling me about it. I'm glad. I let her stay home this morning, not sure if it was the right thing to do. But we played, she watched a movie, she and I and Farah all danced together as "princess ballerinas". Maeve is very graceful.

Noam had a playdate at a friend's, then came home at dinnertime. He isn't as charming at nine, I have to admit. Critical of his sister, just starting to not want hugs all of the time. But he kissed me a number of times before bed passionately on the cheek. He's a funny one. We wrestled vigorously on my bed together for about 15 minutes. He laughed so hard. It's probably our most fun thing to do together right now. I'm so glad I can wrestle him.


patti said...

I did this last year to jump start a yoga practice. I just did it and didn't worry too much about the quality. I just showed up every day. It worked!

However, (don't laugh!), Christmas & New Year sent me off course and now I have to start all over again!

Good luck with blogging every day about your family.

Genie Sea said...

YaY! I'm so glad you will be blogging more, and about your family! What a great way to encapsulate the memories. They do seem to fly away quickly.

Poor little Maeve. I cry every day too because I don't want to be at school all day. :) You did the right thing soothing her tender heart. She will get used to the new routine soon. Sounds like a fun day!:)

AH! When boys grow up and grow distant. Is it inevitable? I am glad he gave you kisses though. :)